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VoipJet Pricing. Here are some of our per-minute rates (USD) for IAX termination to geographic numbers.

You may pay with a PayPal account, (International) account or via bank wire transfer. Deposits into your account are instantly credited and immediately available for use. Start with a small $5 deposit to try out our service. Add more money in $5 - $15000 payments, as needed. Although there is no minimum usage, VoipJet is a service for carriers and emerging VoIP providers and not individual end-users. Check usage (CDRs) and available credit online in the members section.

Billing Increments
Continental USA: six (6) second increments.
International: thirty (30) seconds initial minimum and six (6) second increments thereafter.
Mexico: sixty (60) seconds initial minimum and sixty (60) second increments thereafter.

Toll-Free Termination
Toll-Free termination, such as 1800/1888/1877/1866 numbers, cost us money to terminate and thus are charged at the same rate as regular US calls. There are some providers who can terminate some, but not all, 1800 numbers for free. (If they could terminate all 1800 numbers for free, then we'd use them!)

You may download this rate table in CSV database format by clicking the link and then selecting View and then Source in Internet Explorer.